Monday, October 6, 2014

Balloon Fiesta Time!

It's that time of year again! I've been busy photographing a number of events, and planning for others. Along with many of you, however, I've also been looking forward to that annual festival of all festivals as balloonists from all over the globe alight on open areas all over Albuquerque.  I looked over the blog I wrote last year and everything there still holds. So I'm going to refer you to that posting for a comprehensive guide to help you prepare for your own fiesta experiences. One thing I didn't put in that blog, the Park and Ride is definitely the way to go. So add that transportation hint to your preparation. Also, the Arts and Crafts festival, moved to the Fairgrounds at the infield of the racetrack, has some stellar artists in this juried show. Check it out on a free afternoon.

Photographing Balloon Fiesta

Again, if you are going, have a plan, spend time looking at photos others have taken of the fiesta, and if this is a repeat occurrence for you, think about other areas around town where you can get good views. Remember, you don't have to be at fiesta to photograph fiesta! I'll be heading out along the riverbanks hoping to get some Splash and Dash photos. Maybe I'll see you there?

Enjoy, and I'll post some photos from recent events as soon as the Fiesta fun is past.

Happy fall, everyone!

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